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Postmodern Mixtape is an independent blog about the London music scene, created by writer and filmmaker Zaira Brilhante in November 2015.
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The Bloggers

Zaira Brilhante
In her own words...
Music is such an integral part of my life I had to resort to this blog as an attempt to stop my friends & family from intervening with what could've easily been interpreted as an addiction. As it seems, going to sleep or waking up to music and the average 10 gigs a month are all accepted behaviour as long as you can write about it... And boy I can write about it...

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Charlie Hole
In his own words...
I write songs and sometimes I write about songs. Every musician is a fan first and foremost so I’m just gonna put some of my favourite music into some guest playlists and put my thoughts about them onto the page. You can find me mostly on Twitter talking about music and my breakfast or find my music and other bits of writing at charliehole.com.

Charlie Hole @ PMM - Read all his posts here!
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Livia Cruz
In her own words...
Once I suggested a Nada Surf track to Z. Then again another 2 or 3 times, which made her wonder if that's the only band I knew or if I actually had other music to share and that’s how one of my first guest playlists ended up here. Occasionally you can find some more on my often neglected Made You A Mixtape along with words on soundtracks, ads, pop culture and the music business.

Livia Cruz @ PMM - Read all her posts here!
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