Mixtape Mondays | Sick of Losing Soulmates

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I will keep this post short because this playlist has been in the making for almost 6 months (or a lifetime!) and it is long overdue. This is not your average heartbreak playlist. You won't find here any obvious renditions of an aching heart, there is no room for "I wish you well" songs as Adele's Someone Like You or angry revenge classics such as Alanis' You Oughta Know

I am absolutely in love with these five lads from Nottingham, D.I.D = Dog Is Dead

This mixtape celebrates that kind of love which makes you lose your breath and your sleep but is as ephemeral as it is intense. And, as Seafret's Tell Me It's Real lyrics describe, the kind you can "say it is over just as it begins". Dodie's song I suppose makes the perfect title: Sick of Losing Soulmates.   

The highlight of this playlist are the images painted by some of these lyrics, so instead of going on and on about these tracks, here is a list (because I love lists!) of my favourite 10 extracts. 

Mixtape Mondays | Sick of Losing Soulmates

"There is an off-white little lie I've made about you, that I meant to hurt you"
D.I.D | I Meant To Hurt You

"So don't go, stay with me baby and wear clothes
The waters gone cold but I can't get out
Oh it's not right, when breathing is giving in"
Will Joseph Cook | Water's Gone Cold 

"Destroy the middle, it's a waste of time
From the perfect start to the finish line
And if you're still breathing, you're the lucky ones
'Cause most of us are heaving through corrupted lungs
Setting fire to our insides for fun
Collecting names of the lovers that went wrong"
Daughter | Youth

"Endless talking of life rebuilding
Don't walk away, in silence"
Codeine | Atmosphere 

"I had all and then most of you
Some and now none of you
Take me back to the night we met"
Lord Huron | The Night We Met

"You lined me up across the room
Two falling sparks, one willing fool
And I always knew
That I would love you from afar
You told me 'boy look the other way'
You told me 'boy hide those hands'
Cause I've been living on the crumbs of your love
And I'm starving now"
Vance Joy | From Afar

"So I tried to erase it, but the ink bled right through
Almost drove myself crazy when these words led to you
And all these useless dreams of living alone
Like a dogless bone
So come let me love you
Come let me love you and then colour me in"
Damien Rice | Colour Me In

"So dry those eyes and don’t be afraid
Cause the rhythm of lovers ain't the same
No you don’t know it don’t come easy
Come easy
They say it comes in threes, love, hope and misery
And the first two have gone, tell me if I’m wrong"
Jake Bugg | Love, Hope and Misery

"And distance tells you that
Distance must come between love
Where have you been Luv?
When the mistake we made
Was in never having planned to fall in love, Luv"
Travis | Luv

"Like ghosts we both appear
In this Polaroid I'll treasure through the years
Full of promise and of smiles
We are happily quite ignorant of pain
Oh how life can quickly change
You can't predict the rain
Or second guess the stars"
Mr. Hudson | Ghosts