Mixtape Mondays | Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

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Over the last few weeks I've made two playlists, not for the blog, but for a friend - I know, I am sorry peeps for not sharing, but the songs have all been featured here before, so suppose I am excused?! Anyway, it will all make sense in a few more lines... 

When I am compiling mixtapes for the blog and writing about these I've my journalist cap on. Don't get me wrong, I am a hopeless romantic (I have a t-shirt to prove it!) and I don't pretend to be impartial when sharing my thoughts about the songs & artists I choose to bring to your attention. They tend to be my favourites on a very personal level, be it a song released last week or 30 years ago. And the writing, well the writing will focus on the theme and theme itself: sea, seasons, acoustic, piano, covers... Perhaps the one playlist which I had to contextualise a bit further was About A Girl, but even though, every track had "girl" in the lyrics, so you would have got there either way...

Definitely two of the most melancholic albums I've ever came across, O and 9, by Damien Rice

So here we are. How did this one came into being?

Have you ever made anyone a mixtape? If you're not careful, you can end up with a selection which resembles Will Smith's wardrobe in Fresh Prince of Bell Air. I am far too obsessed with logic for it, so after throwing in pretty much anything I liked into a playlist in no particular order, there I went trying to make sense of it. And then it hit me. There was a pattern in the supposedly themeless bowl. And strangely enough, it said more about myself than the About A Girl playlist had. Instead of me thinking it through, it simply took shape subconsciously.

If you know me or if you've read a few of these posts you're probably aware I've learnt to live with depression and anxiety. I say I learnt to live because I do not take for granted being in a good place today. And because I see these, as well as other mental disorders I've presented symptoms of a while back, as inherently part of my life, but ones I can today keep at bay, on close watch, and hopefully not let them take over ever again.

Mixtape Mondays | Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

So off I went trying to repair the damage. Of course I had to edit the mix. It was interesting knowing these were the first songs I had chosen, but as with life, I knew I did not have to stick to them and I could shape the said mixtape to tell the story I wanted it to. And so I did. But I've also since made this playlist because in my mind it had a story of its own to tell. And here we are. As you can see, it is named after the Smashing Pumpkins song mostly because I thought it illustrates it really well - and also because Spotify has already a playlist named Life Sucks. Just kidding! But it does exist.

So make yourself a cup of tea, turn the lights down, grab a book and enjoy a bit of Travis, Radiohead, The Lumineers, Keane, Tom - as Chaplin alone wasn't enough, I brought Odell and McRae to the mix - Damien Rice (necessary!), Russian Red, Air Traffic and my favourite Brazilian band, Los Hermanos. It's a very old school playlist indeed! I hope you enjoy it, see you in a couple of Mondays!