Mixtape Mondays | Monster Tracks Revisited

Monday, October 31, 2016 0 Comments A+ a-

This is probably the quickest playlist ever put together, but have you been in a situation when thought after thought, one thing leads to another and suddenly you cannot ignore it? So let's see if you can follow me on this one or if at the end you will be most definitely certain I am out of my mind.

Who never danced and banged their head to The Cranberries' Zombie? Please tell me I am not alone...

Today is Halloween and I just came back from a Tom Chaplin gig. Yup, that guy from Keane. Keane, a band which's been on a break for 3 or so years, but that only a couple of months ago released a song for the film A Monster Calls... Can you see where I am getting with it?

Mixtape Mondays | Monster Tracks Revisited

I wasn't planning on a Halloween playlist, but then I remembered the first ever collaborative mixtape I've attempted. And so it happens it was called Monster Tracks and I had the help - to be honest, he pretty much took over after my first two songs - of one of my best friends, who at the end of this week moves to New Zealand.

Well, there you have it. This is not exactly the same playlist we made a couple of years ago, but I did revisit it for inspiration. Without further ado, a bunch of pretty awesomely spooky tracks from the likes of Royal Blood, Radiohead, Nothing But Thieves, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Cure, Queens Of The Stone Age and of course, a handful of classics - from The Cranberries' Zombie to Michael Jackson's Thriller - if you're in the mood to extend the Halloween spirit for another week.

Mixtape Mondays | Acoustic Sessions vol.4

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It's been May since the last acoustic sessions playlist! Jeez time does fly over here it seems. This only means I've enough to share another great compilation. 

There is something about stripped down versions I simply cannot get enough of, so I will cut it down to what in matters. In this week's mixtape we have a couple from James Bay as I had forgotten how great he is live, but thankfully T in The Park helped reminding me of it. There are also two by Franz Ferdinand, because I am going through a very nostalgic phase, so thought it appropriate.

Twin Atlantic released their 4th album GLA last month. Any thoughts?  

We've also Twin Atlantic and Paolo Nutini (I could not leave out some Scottish flavour, of course), Vance Joy (genuinely considering going to Argentina in March next year to see him live at Lollapalooza, that's probably as extreme a trip for a gig I've ever planned, just as a fun fact for you), The 1975 (every time they do an acoustic version I end up loving it more than the original) and Seafret (always! And it yes, they've managed to strip it down even more, what a beautiful version of Wildfire). These just to name a few...

Mixtape Mondays | Acoustic Sessions vol.4

On the female front we've some incredible vocals from Birdy (Wings is just a classic, I could not leave it out), Russian Red (with a cheeky take on Fuerteventura), Foxes (this version of Clarity could have been in our Piano Tapes mixtape and it gives me goosebumps) and some new to this blog names, such as Swiss/German duo BOY and Canadian born musician LIGHTS. My little dose of old school comes in the form of Lily Allen, Alanis Morissette and Adele because it felt right to do so...

Happy Monday! :) 

Mixtape Mondays | Introducing Spotify Daily Mix

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Hello folks, it is been a while and I can only apologise, but yay, I am back! And if you're like me a big Spotify fan you probably have noticed that since last week a new icon appeared on your library, right above your Playlists, named Your Daily Mix. Well, that pretty much says it all, or does it? If you're keen on the Discover Weekly playlist which Spotify puts together every Monday with tailored suggestions of new music based on your listening habits, then Your Daily Mix might also hit the spot.

The Birmingham lads from Broken Witt Rebels, these guys have such good energy live!

The main differences I'd say are it does not comprise of only one set of 30 songs which are completely replaced every Monday, but... It can be up to 6 different ever growing tailored playlists which very cleverly group together your favourite music and, every so often - so far, at least for me, only very sporadically - comes up with a new suggestion. 

So far I've 4 daily mixes and although Spotify doesn't "allow" you to share those playlists, it has a feature for you to easily copy the songs into a playlist, which I did in order to share with you lot. 

These are not genre specific playlists, don't let the "grouping" fool you. Yes, there is some logic to the madness of the clever algorithms, but it goes beyond rock, blues, r&b... You get a taster of what to expect from the bands which these playlists are named after. So let's get down to business and here they are:

Mixtape Mondays | Daily Mix 1

We Are Scientists, Travis, Jake Bugg
This is pretty much my every day playlist. No wonder it has already 4 hours worth of music! Not many surprises there, just a few unheard tracks from bands a listen to a lot and a couple of new finds so far.

Mixtape Mondays | Daily Mix 2

Érika Martins, A Banda Mais Bonita Da Cidade, Los Hermanos
The Brazilian Music playlist. Forget genre, it goes from 80s, to indie, to MPB (Brazilian Popular Music) to samba.

Mixtape Mondays | Daily Mix 3

Queen, Redbone, Lynyrd Skynyrd
The surprise playlist. Not too sure how this came into being. It feels like Spotify had to group everything I listen to and it couldn't be categorised in any of the other 3 in this playlist. I didn't even have any recollection of a single Redbone song, but somehow it works, it has Beatles, Elton John, Bowie, Dire Straits... I mean, I can work with it.

Mixtape Mondays | Daily Mix 4

Broken Witt Rebels, The Districts, Kaleo 
Been thinking about this one and why not describe it as the Postmodern Mixtape playlist? It is filled with what I can only imagine are upcoming bands as I haven't heard of many of them, but already love. So far it has 146 songs and I can't wait to see what's gonna come next

*** I will keep you updated and add more to these 4 as and when there is enough material. And you can expect a fresh new post if any of these start to shape in a different way. Keep tuned.