Mixtape Mondays | Haven't Listened To In Forever

Monday, August 15, 2016 0 Comments A+ a-

Hi folks, first of all apologies for missing a playlist last week. I want to say my work is currently taking most of my time, but the truth is, it is taking ALL of my time. It should get better by mid September - one can only hope... But so it happens I put together this playlist last week, just didn't have a chance to write about it. 

I am not alone when I say The Libertines second album marked a generation, who never danced to Can't Stand Me Now hasn't lived, right?

It came into being following a recent series of events which made me think about quite a few of the bands here and it culminated with me opening good old iTunes on my once forgotten desktop and suddenly coming across music I didn't even remember I had. I mean, it is not like I did not remember these bands, but I simply haven't played them in such a long time! At least considering how much I used to listen to them a few years ago. So I thought of compiling a selection and, why not, to share it here with you. 

Mixtape Mondays | Haven't Listened To In Forever

Starting with The Bravery, a band I came across on - brace yourselves! - MySpace. I am not sure about how well known they were in the UK but I though them worth a mention. And so is Franz Ferdinand. Their self titled debut album and You Could Have It So Much Better were played back to back and on repeat one too many times. They're followed by The Coral, a band I had completely forgotten about until I saw them last month at T in the Park. Ironically, something very similar had happened with Razorlight a few years ago, when it wasn't until I was en route to V Festival, where they were due to play, that I remembered how much I used to listen to them. 

By that way, V Festival 2009 must have been one of the best line-ups in history, I still can't believe how good it was! And it was also simply the stage to Oasis' last ever live performance. On that note, also playing that year were Snow Patrol, The Killers and Pete Doherty, all represented in this mixtape. And to close the selection, a triple bill of London bands, starting with The Rakes. I remember being obsessed with their album Ten New Messages. Despite their somewhat short career (2003-2009), they've marked my early 20s. And so did Klaxons and Bush - the least British sounding band of the lot, but who regained my respect after putting up a good gig in 2013 during British Summer Time