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A post by Adam Smith,
a.k.a @adsmith85

Hi fellow followers of Postmodern Mixtape,

Then & Now is my first stab at this sort of thing and should give you an idea of what you're getting yourself into when I'm at the deck. This is full to the brim with artists that have been with me for many years: it grabs a track from when I got on board and pairs it with a more recent offering that I also love.

The likes of Biffy Clyro and Queens Of The Stone Age describe my overarching tastes for the loud and immediate kick through the headphones. ...Like Clockwork was perfect as far I'm concerned and I can't wait to learn all the secrets held within Ellipsis.

Biffy Clyro 7th album Ellipsis comes out on July 7th. They also feature on last week's playlist Made in Scotland

Who knew when I caught Frank Turner supporting The Futureheads at the iTunes Festival he'd leave such a stamp on my listening habits. I Still Believe chimes at the heart of what this playlist is all about. When Positive Songs For Negative People landed last year it struck so many chords with me that picking one song was very tough, but Get Better it is. Both this and The Next Storm will always tie me to a particular time and place, for good or bad.

Blink 182 were one of the first bands my friends and I went big for around the time when I was 15/16. The sense of fun and Californian sun brought to our 6th form building from The Mark, Tom & Travis Show would inform my tastes for years to come. Alkaline Trio sneak in as an easter egg with Matt Skiba joining Blink on the latest album, I can't wait.

Mixtape Mondays | Then & Now

My love of Grohl and his merry band of miscreants - a.k.a. Foo Fighters - simply can't be contained here. From the Astoria in 2005 to Islington Town Hall in 2014, they form part of my core. Rounding out we have the likes of Arctic Monkeys - whose evolution has been such a sight to behold from exposure artist on XFM to Ally Pally rock stars - We Are Scientists, Kaiser Chiefs as well as the recently revived Death From Above 1979.

Lastly I'd love to thank Zaira for letting me play with her toys over here in the blogosphere. I hope I didn't make too much noise and mess the place up.

P.S. I know this is a little radio friendly but now we know each other a little better I'll drop in some curveballs next time...