Mixtape Mondays | Almost The Same

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This playlist is so weird. It started as a joke, just something in the back of my mind. But the more songs I came across the more I thought there was a theme there. Differently from most of the things I post here, there is very little which holds this together apart from the fact all of the songs in this mixtape share their title with another one. And as Adam did last week, why not to pair them, right?

Check Will Joseph Cook's latest single, Take Me Dancing, another lovely track!

I can't help but have here some of the usual suspects: yes, Seafret appears twice, with Oceans - also a song by Twin Atlantic - and Something In The Air - potentially a British classic by Thunderclap Newman, which I happened to come across only recently thanks to the wonders of Spotify.

From the most recent The Lumineers album, My Eyes is a beautiful song - very much like the material on their amazing self-titled debut record. Its slow pace contrasts with the song of same name by Travis, but both share lovely lyrics.

Discover Weekly recently suggested a couple of really easy to listen to songs: Patrick James' Message, who to my surprise came out of Ireland's The Voice, and made me think of Will Joseph Cook's track (by the way, WJC is incredible live, second time watching him last week and what a talent. Great musician, brilliant song-writing skills and what a sweet lad). The second pick was Valerie, by Australian Tim Wheatley. I have to say it wasn't easy to choose between The Zutons and Amy, but the Mrs. Winehouse won this week. 

Mixtape Mondays | Almost The Same

Because of Bushstock - can't wait for next years' edition! - I came across the beautiful Better Man, by Bella Figura. And it took me back to a couple of years ago, when Paolo Nutini released Caustic Love. The last addition to the playlist came only yesterday. Last Friday I've been asked to listen to a band called Amber Run. After a bit of Facebook digging I've learnt they're from Nottingham and it looks like they were also at Bushstock?! (although they do not appear on the official line up). Loving their debut album 5AM, which includes track Shiver. Oh the time when Coldplay was worth listening to... Anyway... 

Probably the most nonsensical pairings close the playlist: Smashing Pumpkins vs Bring Me The Horizon with Drown, Scouting For Girls vs Bon Jovi with This Ain' A Love Song (does it get any cheesier?!) and The Breeders vs Damien Rice with Cannonball. I hope you enjoy it. Happy Monday!

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*** Will Joseph Cook @ Barfly, Camden and Boston Music Room, Tufnell Park
*** Bushstock Festival @ St. Stephen's Church, Bush Hall, Sindercombe and more
*** Seafret @ The Garage, Highbury and 100 Club, Oxford Street