Mixtape Mondays | Bushstock 2016

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I am slightly overwhelmed as I write this post. It is hard to believe this is Mixtape #27 or that it's been just over 6 months since that first post from 16th November. I was very much looking forward to a Seafret gig - ok, not much changed in that front - and in the build up to the Communion New Faces Tour I've put together a playlist of the line up: Seafret, Dan Owen, Jack Watts & Flyte. The legacy of that night was having found 4 of my current favourite bands/artists and signing up for the Communion newsletter to literally keep an ear out for anything they put out there. Having said that, I could not miss Bushstock. Not only because it will take me back to St. Stephens Church, in Shepherd's Bush - yes, it is an actual church which doubles up as a super charming venue - but first and foremost because it appeals to me as the best London festival line up if you want to come across new music worth listening to.

If you haven't yet you should definitely check Bear's Den debut album Islands 

In this Mixtape Mondays you'll find some of the artists playing on June 18th. You can also read more about them on the festival's website: www.bushstock.co.uk/line-up. I am very much looking forward to hearing again some of Flyte's new material. The small preview back in February at the Tooting Tram & Social got me very much looking forward to the album. I also can't wait to see Bear's Den and Palace. Ironically, despite both being London bands, I still haven't had a chance to watch them live.

Since I heard Palace's Veins I fell in love with them. Both their EPs, Lost In The Night (2014) and Chase The Light (2015) are incredibly good and it makes one wonder how come they haven't yet released an album. Do check also their latest single Break the Silence, which came out last week. And if you're struggling to understand the concept of alt-country or indie-folk, fear no more, just listen to Bear's Den debut album Islands. It is hard not to compare them to Mumford & Sons, although I find their sound more eerie and Andrew Davie's voice of a soothing quality (and so very different to Marcus' raw and hoarse style).

Mixtape Mondays | Bushstock 2016

Some of the names in this playlist which have intrigued me although I haven't been listening to them for that long are:

Bella Figura - In the most simplistic way, a mix of country and blues with deep lyrics and sad guitars. Do listen to Better Man.

Cape Cub - a.k.a. Chad Male is from Marske-by-the-Sea - yes, I had to google it - There is something really catchy about his music, check The Start and let me know your thoughts.

Júníus Meyvant - I particularly liked Gold Laces by Icelandic folk pop singer-songwriter Unnar Gísli Sigurmundsson, from his debut EP titled, very originally, EP.

Pleasure Beach - Their music takes me back to being in my early 20s. It is impossible to stand still, indie rock like I haven't listened to in a long time. It is fresh, but with a heart on that old school vibe that made us dance to Strokes, Killers and Franz Ferdinand.

The Big Moon - Still with a foot on the indie rock 90s front, I challenge you to watch the video below for Nothing Without You and not fall in love with this power pop quartet. They're just brilliant!

More about Bushstock 2016
When: June 18th
Where: Multiple venues, all around Shepherd's Bush
Facebook: www.facebook.com/BushstockFestival
Line up: http://www.bushstock.co.uk/line-up
All early bird tickets are gone, but still some Tier 2 tickets for £32.50 (+£3.25 S/C).