Mixtape Mondays | Monday Morning Boost

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A post by Livia Cruz,
a.k.a Made You a Mixtape

Here I am (again on my ooown… Oh wait, this song doesn’t belong on this mixtape). But yeah, it’s another Made You a Mixtape takeover (thanks, PMM! We live for playlists!) and we’re bringing a pretty uplifting selection.  In the past couple of weeks I heard so many people complaining about life and that they were miserable. Then last Friday, as I sat at the office watching the torrential rain out of the window, one of my colleagues played one of our client’s song re-work (from happy song with sad lyrics to sad song with sad lyrics!).

If The Killers' Mr. Bright Side doesn't get you moving on a Monday morning, nothing will...

We were all so bummed out after those couple of minutes (yes, we didn’t manage to get to the end of it…), that we decided we needed a mood booster and the first option instantly thrown around was the classic: Diana King's Shy Guy.

Mixtape Mondays | Monday Morning Boost

Since we weren’t the only ones in need of some cheering up, I thought it’d be nice to throw in some other mood-boosters and share it with the PMM readers, especially on a Monday morning - who doesn’t need a bit of a kick to brighten up the dreaded beginning of the week?!

Genre-wise it is absolutely all over the place! It goes from classics like James Brown and the Bee Gees to Gwen Stefani from two weeks ago. But the one thing all tracks have in common is that they will all definitely help you get out of bed and kick-start the week on the right vibe!

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