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It sounds cliché but it is a genuine question I like to ask artists in general. What are your influences? I like to think we're all a sum of experiences and people with whom we've crossed paths. Everyone I've met added something to my life, every picture I've laid eyes on, every sound to ever hit my headphones. And I hope you don't think I am exaggerating, because I truly believe the tiniest detail plays a big part in making us who we are.

Seafret earlier this year at the 100 Club, for the release of their debut album Tell Me It's Real. Photo by Zaira.

If you're still with me after the cheesiest of introductions, you will understand what this playlist is about. Below you will find what five of my favourite artists at the moment have been listening to. One of the perks of online streaming is that more and more musicians have been sharing what's in their jukeboxes and what have inspired them creating their latest work. And I personally find that fascinating and have been spending a lot of time digging into it. So without further ado, not one, but five mixtapes for you (in order to make it up for last week's absence!). And you can also find them all collated into a single Mixtape Mondays playlist at the very bottom.

Finders Keepers. New Finds, by Seafet

Very interesting mix and Seafret keeps adding more and more to it, keeping it current and relevant, definitely a playlist to follow. It has the likes of Foals, Catfish & The Bottlemen, Daughter, Jack Garret and Nothing But Thieves, but also some classics such as Jimi Hendrix and Tom Waits.

How it was. Things I've listened to, by Jack Watts

This is a short one, 10 songs which inspired Jack Watts during the making of his new EP How It Was. I find Jack's music very unique, so wasn't surprised to come across such a mix, from Ryan AdamsHotel Chelsea Nights straight to Nirvana's Dumb. A lot of the music in here was new to me, but I'm absolutely loving to discover it.

Don't let me be misunderstood, by Tom Odell

This is also an ongoing playlist and recently it had some of Tom's latest releases added to it. Truly this playlist could be called "the best of old school", with Nina Simone for starters, followed by Aretha, Elton, Bowie, Stones and Springsteen. But I suppose Don't let me be misunderstood is a better title considering you have some pretty current artists, such as Flyte (featured below with their own curated playlist), The 1975, Fleet Foxes and Jake Bugg.

Favourite tracks, by Dan Owen

This is such a good playlist! And you can definitely see how these songs translate into Dan's music. It has also some of the artists I've been listening to quite a lot recently: Paolo Nutini, Ben Howard, George Ezra and Hozier, to name but a few.

Sunday Morning Mixtape, by Flyte

Another good selection of classics. And also a good insight on Flyte's influences. Nina Simone makes an appearance once more. We also have Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Elvis Costello and Fleetwood Mac, but funnily enough it also has room for Cyndi Lauper and The Cure, because why not?


And if you want to listen to it all at once, here it goes:

Mixtape Mondays | Influences