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A post by Livia Cruz,
a.k.a Made You a Mixtape

A couple of weeks ago, Postmodern Mixtape invited Made You a Mixtape [www.facebook.com/mixtapemgmt] to stop suggesting Nada Surf songs all the time and curate a proper playlist. And I can’t say I was surprised when we agreed on the theme: BADASS CHICKS.

This was hard! Hard to keep it short: both mixtape AND text. But all for a good cause… There are just TOO many amazing women around. Well, SO many. It’s never enough. And some of them have such amazing songs that they featured more than once, like the queen of “badass chick music”, Alanis [because “angry chick music” is just a misogynistic term invented by man to describe strong, assertive ladies who intimidate them].

I’ll try to keep this brief and comment on just a few of the key tracks + personalities that just had to feature here:

The queen of badass chick music Alanis Morissette. Now put on You Oughta Know and sing it from the top of your lungs

Alanis Morissette: ALL of it. But ok… The main ones. Fun fact: Hands Clean was written about an older man she was seeing while only a teenager and a lot of the lyrics are actually absurd things the dude used to tell her! And yep, I know You Oughta Know is on in twice. It was on purpose. =)

Gwen Stefani: She’s always been badass in or out of No Doubt, but taking heartache from a cheating husband and turning it into a #1 album takes skills!

Pink: Again, one of the founders of the badass club. Anyone who sings live while swinging in the air deserves more than a song here. Especially considering pretty much ALL of her lyrics!

Garbage’s Shirley Manson: this woman is INCREDIBLE. An old-school badass, Shirley continues to spread her badass-ness across the globe speaking her mind on all issues she feels strongly about whether it be political, cultural, feminism or anything under the sun. Not to mention the fact that she’s constantly encouraging other women to do the same, starting with her own little niece.

Janis Joplin (!): Who, in a male-dominated late 60s - early 70s rock ‘n roll scene managed to find her voice, style and stand out beautifully? Shame she let love - or lack thereof - end her career way too soon.

Lissie: From Rock Island - IL, the singer-songwriter has been my favourite lady in music for the past few years since the release of her debut album, Catching the Tiger. It was very hard to pick only two songs, let alone just one! So one of them was Daughters, which she released in March to promote Charity : Water and inspired by all the badass women changing the world for the better. Read more about it here: http://bit.ly/25ENpnJ.

Lauryn Hill: The song chosen here is a live version of probably the most honest, emotional performance I’ve ever heard. 

Mixtape Mondays | Badass Chicks

Cyndi Lauper: Active advocate for LGBT rights. Big in the 80s and still rocking strong in 2016!

Sia: Well, pre-David Guetta Sia, my personal favourite. I highly recommend all her albums up to 2010! So many feelings…

The CranberriesDolores O’Riordan: two words: Zombies + political.

Madonna: Regardless of what she’s been doing in the past 10, 15 years, Madonna is one of the original badass chicks and will remain timeless. She inspired so many and dealt with so many issues back in the 80s and 90s that people didn’t want to talk about. Not to mention how many times she reinvented herself! Total badass.

Amanda Palmer: Honestly, I’m not mad on her music but this woman is out of this world! I had to include her somehow and was very happy to actually find her TED talk on Spotify! Highly recommend it but even more her book, The Art of Asking. I found it so inspiring that I bought several copies as presents to friends who I thought could do with some motivation.

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Thanks a lot for the invite - had a great time putting this together! Might keep adding some songs as they come...or should I make this a collaborative playlist so you can add to it too? =)

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Oh.My.God. You've got the best username ever! #loveFriends :)
No need to make collaborative, you're the boss on this one ;) But instead of adding more, maybe start a volume 2... As you might have noticed I've already had some recurrent themes!
And btw you're always welcome on PMM!!!
Catch up soon x

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Jeez these emojis look completely different than what I had on my phone. Blogger mysteries haha scared of adding another one!

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Hahahaha and my comments don't feature my usual Gravatar! ¬¬ Blogger mysteries [2]

Thanks a lot, again! Think I've already got half of Vol. 2 in my mental playlist already!