Mixtape Mondays | Rivers, Seas & Oceans

Monday, March 14, 2016 0 Comments A+ a-

This is perhaps one of my most personal playlists, thus why it was so hard to lock it. As with Travis' song Sailing Away, I live by the river and I do hope to die by the river, because water brings me peace. However, not the type most people would associate it with. 

Seaside by The Kooks is probably one of my favourite summer songs

For me it is not about serenity, but movement. Quoting the legend Dory, it's the everyday "just keep swimming" which screams at me when I think at how the water flows. And about how insignificant some problems seem when you look to the sea. And how distance and longing once can be measured by oceans.

Mixtape Mondays | Rivers, Seas & Oceans

So although I've asked around for suggestions and got some really amazing ideas - thanks Quentin! - from J.T.'s version of Cry me a River to Proud Mary, I had a story to tell. And each song had to play a part in it. So I rummaged through my heart and my memories - as well as some old playlists - to assemble this one. It includes some of my favourite bands, like Travis, Keane and Seafret, but also some new found gems, like Leon Bridges - thanks Jam! - and upcoming artists worth checking out, such as Thomas J Speight and Tom Butler. There is also The Lumineers, Young The Giant, Death Cab For Cutie, Vance Joy and James Bay. I hope you enjoy!

Weekend Fun Times: On another note, if you're in London this weekend or next don't miss the Head of the River on Saturday 19th & the traditional Oxford vs Cambridge, on Easter Sunday, 27th. Both races make up for an amazing day out by the river. But whatever rocks your boat! (sorry, couldn't help it!)