Mixtape Mondays | Sofar London

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This playlist is coming, as we say in my country, at 45 minutes of the second half. If you didn't get the obvious football reference (real football, not that thing they play in America), then my sincere apologies, but this is truly a last minute post. I often go to gigs during the week and try as much as I can to use the weekends to write and research. Well, I blame the awesome line up at Spiritual Records Saturday just gone for messing up with my whole schedule, but then, I can't complain: Rory Butler, Dan Owen and Flyte were just incredible! And, of course, served as inspiration for this playlist.

I've only seen The Magic Numbers live at festivals, I can only imagine how awesome it would be at a Sofar event! 

Although the night wasn't a Sofar Sounds event, as both Flyte and Dan have played at it before, it came to me... Why not a Sofar London inspired playlist? If you don't know what Sofar Sounds is, I explain - long story short, it is an event which happens in many different cities, where you can apply for tickets to a secret gig at a secret location and the only two things you can be certain of are: a great line up & an awesome atmosphere, where you will be surrounded by music lovers in an often cozy, most definitely always intimate environment.

Mixtape Mondays | Sofar London

Having said that, all the artists in this week's playlist have played at Sofar London before. From The Magic Numbers and Maverick Sabre to Bastille, KYKO, Flags and Aquilo. I've personally went to a Sofar Sounds not long ago when Balloon Ascents and John Joseph Brill were both playing and it was a superb experience (check some photos here). Also in this week's mixtape is Will Joseph Cook - if you haven't yet, you can still get tickets for his gig at Barfly in March, highly recommend! - and last but not least, Our Man In The Field - saw him live at Brixton East 1871 last year, at a Laid Bare event, and would definitely watch him live again!

Ps: I know this video looks like something from the 80s, but Flyte came down from the stage to play this song completely unplugged in the middle of a fairly crowded Spiritual Bar and it was stunning, I get goose bumps just thinking about how amazing their vocals were. So I thought it was worth sharing. :)

More about Sofar Sounds and how to apply for Sofar London tickets here: www.sofarsounds.com.