Mixtape Mondays | Perfect Summer Festival

Monday, February 22, 2016 0 Comments A+ a-

I am not sure how you feel about it, but for me this time of the year is full of anticipation. The rain gets thinner, the wind isn't as sharp as it was back in January and you can eventually, on the odd Friday afternoon, feel a certain warmth emanating from that odd light in the sky which, if you remember well, is called sun.

And then it hits you! This light can only mean Spring is knocking at your door and, at the same time you make a note to buy antihistamine, you realise it's time to check line ups of the Summer festivals if you are to guarantee your place in the sun. Well, in fairness it will most likely be your place in a muddy patch of weedy grass surrounded by a billion tent strings which you swear have the sole purpose to make walking back late at night, in the pitch darkness, after a dozen pints simply the most challenging obstacle course ever designed. But anyway...

Mumford & Sons are playing later this year in Hyde Park. Photo credit: ppcorn.com

This week's mixtape is a wish list. A bold - however plausible - line up for what would be my perfect 2016 UK Summer Festival. I have to say I had something else in mind for this week, but after today's V Festival announcement - brace yourselves... headlining we've Justin Bieber & Rihanna - I've decided to put this one together. The vast majority are artists I've seen live, a lot of them at festivals, including V in previous years - 2009, 2014 & 2015. If anyone knows of a festival out there with a quarter of this line up please count me in!

Mixtape Mondays | Perfect Summer Festival