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I am so pleased to say first interview up here is with this guy. He's one of the most accomplished artists I came across this year. Beautiful music writing, great voice. I caught up with Dan Owen after his gig at St. Stephen's Church last month, as part of the New Faces Communion Tour, to find out more about how he got into music & what's coming up in the new year. If you haven't yet, check his first EP Bad for Me on Spotify and if you're in London next Tuesday 15th, don't miss The Best of Rising Stars 2015 @ The Jazz Cafe, in Camden **.

♯ You started playing music fairly young. What motivated you getting into it? 
I started when I was 13 down at the pubs. We had a guitar in our house even though my parents weren't musical, but didn't take long for me and my sister to start singing songs together. She was older and a singer.

Dan @ St. Stephen's Church in November. Photo by Zaira

♯ Can you remember the first time you've played your own material to an audience?
It probably wasn't until I was about 18 that I started playing my own music, the years of gigging before were mainly old blues covers.

♯Have you ever considered any other career or has music been always the first and only choice?
I never really thought I could make a career from music, even though I'd always played and gigged. I started training as a carpenter when an eye accident on one of the machines brought an end to the carpentry career, but really pushed me to go full on into my music.

♯ When not making/playing music, what are you usually up to?
I try to get back home to Shrewsbury as much as I can and chill out with mates and usually end up playing more music.

♯Blues has been a big influence and you've included a version of Willie Dixon's Little Red Rooster in your first EP - by the way, brilliant version! Which other artists did you listen to when growing up and have you come across anyone recently who has also influenced you? 
Growing up I listened to a lot of 20s to 50s blues. Now I listen to a lot of the artists in the charts, there's some amazing stuff about now.

♯ If you could pick anyone, who would you like to collaborate with and why?
Randomly Eminem! I think he's an amazing musician and lyricist.

♯ How was touring with Jack Watts, Flyte and Seafret over the last month?
It was really great, me and Jack did about 12 dates together before the New Faces tour. We all still keep in touch.

♯ Are there plans to release new material in the next few months? You've played a couple of new songs recently - Made and Parachutes. Will these be on a new EP?
There will be an EP really soon! We are recording them all this month, I'm not 100% sure when it'll be out, but it'll be within the next few months, which is really exciting!

** Info about line up & tickets for Time Out Best of Rising Stars 2015 here.