Mixtape Mondays | Indie Night Out

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This week's mixtape is a quick one, I blame all the Xmas dos for it, but there doesn't seem to be enough weekends (or evenings for that matter) for all the gatherings which pop in one's calendar in December (and it is only the 6th!).

If this is not the first post you've read, by this point you know I am not the commercial music type of person, so the idea of nights out partying is one which leaves me uneasy and torn - to join the celebrations or not to join? And although the tropical blood in me screams that single digit temperatures are a time to hibernate, mulled wine gets me out of the house. And so does indie rock and places which play the kind of music you'll find in this week's selection.

Arctic Monkeys | They've some of my favourite tunes to dance to

Mixtape Mondays | Indie night out

Originally this playlist was inspired by long gone indie night Bedrock, which for a few years happened every Friday at The Borderline, just off Soho Square. Rumour has it was supposed to move to The Water Rats, in Kings Cross, since the iconic venue - which hosted Oasis' first ever London gig - reopened last September, but we're yet to confirm that...

There are however, other London venues where you can listen to if not all, at least some of these tunes. The Borderline - the dirtiest dance floor in town, no figure of speech here - on Saturdays is still an indie rock night. Venn Street Records, in Clapham South, depending on the night is also an option and although tiny, has a really good vibe. There is also one of the trashiest pub-clubs I've ever set foot on, The Swan, in Stockwell, the weirdest place ever, but the music is alright. Just mind your wallet, it is not unheard of belongings going missing there.

For now I will leave you with a few somewhat obvious, however nonetheless number one party anthems. And although you won't find any electro-pop feel free to dance to it like a robot from 1984 or a boxing kangaroo **. That's at least what I do!

** Watch video below for a visual representation of what's like.