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I wonder if everyone has a story about how they came across The Beatles. Mine starts at 11, and I thought myself way too old at that point. I mean, we're talking about The Beatles! How come haven't I listened to them since I was hmm 6?

When Anthology came out in 1995 I remember - despite mum's many complaints - staying up until silly hour in the morning to watch and record it on VHS! Oh the old days... Back then you could go to video stores to rent cds! Yes, I was the dorky one leaving the shop with a bunch of Beatles cds whilst most kids my age were into... I wouldn't know, I didn't hang out with anyone my age. Blame my older cousins who didn't mind me sticking around.

At 13 I got my first classic guitar and learnt to play In My Life. At 14 I came across a Beatles cover band called "Lissen" (Do You Want to Know a Secret?), with whom I fell in love as soon as I heard them playing Oh! Darling. They had a residency in a venue close to my house and I did not miss a gig with Run For Your Life or The Night Before. I also remember as if today when upon request they've added You Really Got a Hold on Me to their set.

Mixtape Mondays | Here. There. Everywhere.

At 15 I remember starting High School and playing a Fender Squier - really badly I have to say, but enough to think it was a good idea to rehearse in a studio. I absolutely loved to play Day Tripper with a band. I also remember my first Maths year one lesson, which happened around the same time. Our teacher introduced herself by playing two episodes of Wonder Years and asking which of the two types of teacher featured we wanted her to be. I knew I had chosen the right course as soon as A Little Help From My Friends started to play in Joe Cocker's voice.

At 17, when the film I am Sam came out, I was the one crying compulsively at the cinema. Yes, it was a sad story, but the soundtrack did it for me. How can you have dry eyes as Golden Slumbers plays on? (by the way, that must have been the first time I've ever heard this song not followed by Carry That Weight). The versions of Across The Universe and Nowhere Man were also heartbreakingly beautiful. I was obsessed with this album for a while. *

I was about to turn 18 when I decided to be a Paperback Writer. All those diaries kept through the years had to serve to some purpose, right? I went on studying Journalism instead. Uni days had a soundtrack of their own: Revolution 1 had never made so much sense. Neither had Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds. Those were also the days when I was starting to fall in love with films. So I wrote my grad dissertation on 80s movies. Ironically enough, I chose Ferris Bueller's Day Off - who can forget Matthew Broderick's parade performance to the sound of Twist & Shout? - and Can't Buy Me Love, the film, starring a nerd stargazing Patrick Dempsey. "Any similarity with reality is mere coincidence".

And then Uni went. And I went. As with Travis' lyrics, "but then this bird just flew away / she was never meant to stay / oh to keep her caged would just delay the spring" I got my Ticket to Ride, which brought me to London. And a new chapter started. And I was surprised to find the plane was not an actual time machine taking me back to the 60s. But it soon didn't matter, because Blackbird was an actual sight outside my window. And Norwegian Wood were actually the sounds of the city. And although I've asked myself the lyrics of Eleanor Rigby one too many times, once again I know I am at the right place at the right time. 

* In I Am Sam Golden Slumbers version is by Ben Folds, Across the Universe by Rufus Wainwright & Nowhere Man by Paul Westerberg