Mixtape Mondays | December Gigs

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Despite all the Xmas dos, December has been an incredible month when it comes to finding new music. We're not even half way there yet and I feel like I need to share some of these finds. With the exception of Dan Owen, who you've probably seen featured here quite a few times now - yes, I am obsessed, can't help it, he's amazing! - all others are new to Postmodern Mixtape.

Balloon Ascents lads @ Sofar Sounds, London edition. Photo by Zaira

The first 3 picks came out of Sofar Sounds London edition last week, Wednesday 9th. There is something really charming and psychedelic about the Oxford lads of Balloon Ascents. Although their acoustic performance sounded fairly different from the original versions found in their first self title EP, both are equally worth a listen. When you do, let me know if you think of Beatles as well...

Mixtape Mondays | December gigs

My first Sofar experience had also John Joseph Brill & Hilang Child. Two very different artists, but both had the ability of keeping the audience engaged. John's sad - borderline slice your wrists as you listen to - lyrics accompanied by his precise guitar strumming and in contrast with his raw voice had us mesmerised. On the other hand, Ed Riman's (a.k.a Hilang Child) piano sounded so soft and gentle once could listen to it all night.

Stunning performance by Conor Coughlan @ SETS Showcase. Photo by Zaira

The week reserved a few more surprises. On Thursday, the SETS Showcase Xmas line up, in Kings Cross, organised by Matt Belmont - also in this week's playlist - brought Conor Coughlan and an unplugged performance of his beautiful For You. Conor's stunning voice and passionate stage presence made us fall in love with him. You could hear a pin drop and that's not a figure of speech. The 19 year-old London born singer-songwriter has great melody writing skills. I am still discovering his debut album Give it Up, watch this space.

Not yet on Spotify, notwithstanding one of my favourite December finds, also thanks to SETS Showcase, is Joe Corbin. Watch the video below and you will understand for yourself why Matt picked him to close a night of amazing performances. Stunning, simply stunning.

So little I knew that my week of new found music wasn't over. Through Coughlan I found another interesting line up, last Saturday, at the Rolling Stock, in Shoreditch. The event is organised by platform Untitled. Being brutally honest, the venue is far from ideal for a live music event, it lacks in acoustics and a weird T shape means half of the room can't see the stage.

Having said that, Coughlan and Jake Morell, who followed him, were both brilliant. From Norfolk, Morell's folk & bluesy guitar as well as his deep voice reminded me a bit of the first time I listened to Hozier. So far you can only find two single's of his on Spotify, Fear Struck Wide and Wire & Thorns, both in this week's mixtape. But do check his Youtube channel for more, really worth a listen.

Week was over and time to check what's to come, this Tuesday, at the Time Out Best of Rising Stars. I won't elaborate on it as I intend to write about the gig later this week. However, I can say apart from Dan Owen, I am very much looking forward to hearing the beautiful voice of Emily Lee. Although I am not so impressed by her commercial vein, I think she might surprise me performing live.

A little bit more upbeat than everyone so far, Broken Witt Rebels and The Carnabys sound both really promising. The first, a 4 man piece from Birmingham, reminds me a bit of The Black Keys. Whilst the almost "neighbours" from Twickenham, The Carnabys, went from gigging in pubs to releasing in 2014 their debut album, No Money On The Moon, and opening for the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Kings of Leon and Black Crowes. Just that.