Mixtape Mondays | New Faces 2015 Tour

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This first Mixtape Mondays is a compilation of all the songs I found on Spotify by Seafret, Dan Owen, Jack Watts & Flyte, all of which will play at the New Faces gig next week, Wednesday 25th @ St. Stephens Church, in Shepherd's Bush.

V Festival 2015 @ The Arena - Photo by Zaira

I came across evening because of Seafret. Since I started listening to them, during the build up for V Festival this year, I fell in love with these guys. The combo of great melodies and the melancholy in their lyrics won me over. And yes, there is something of a theme going on with them... I don't think it is by chance their songs are called Oceans, Atlantis, Sinking Ship (this one a favourite) or why they decided to record a version of Drown, by Bring Me The Horizon.

Mixtape Mondays | New Faces 2015 Tour

With tickets to New Faces booked, I went on checking out the other artists in the line up. At that time, Dan Owen had only one song available on Spotify, Fall Like a Feather, the one you can watch below. I simply could not wait to see him live. It was love at first chord. I find this acoustic performance particularly mesmerising. He has since released his first EP, Bad For me, with this plus 3 more tracks. Don't miss checking Riding Out the Storm.

Jack Watts plays a really easy to listen sound. His vocals are his biggest strength. I don't connect with his songs as easily as with Seafret's ones. but am ready to sing along a few of them next week - Push Blue and Red Shortbread (also his 5 track EP title) being very beautiful tracks.

Unfortunately I haven't got much to say about Flyte. At least not just yet. Some of it reminds me vaguely of Two Door Cinema Club, but I am not really sure of what to make of it for now. I'd rather wait to see them live. Light me Up, however, is a really charming track, I can picture it being a crowd pleaser.

I hope you like this first playlist selection & run through. Any thoughts or suggestions please drop me a line, always happy to listen! :)